How to disempower and transform negative mindsets

  • 21 January 2019
  • Angela Miccio-Harris

You are a thinking being. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you think. All day long, you are thinking and processing information.

You are designed to live an emotionally happy and physically healthy lifestyles and to experience victory in every area. For most of us, this can feel like an overwhelming task.

Dr Caroline Leaf a world-renowned neuroscientist says “The brain is constantly working, the mind is constantly thinking, and those billions of thoughts need taming!”

3 ways to change your thinking and become empowered

1. Make a choice

Think you’re a victim of your own thoughts? Think again! You are not able to control the events and circumstances of life or what other people think and choose, but you do have the power to choose what you believe and your reactions to the events and circumstances of life. we are able to think and choose well. Science now and God’s word tells us so. Even when we choose poorly, a daily effort on your part to rewire our minds for healthy thoughts will change our lives!

Every day, we have a choice—to believe or not believe the lies/the negative chatter that goes on in our minds. Which tries to rewire our brains for destruction, defeat, shame, guilt and sheer misery. Every time we allow this and entertain wrong thinking, there is a negative effect on us spirit, soul and body.

On the other hand, when you make the right decisions and positive thoughts. This causes your brain to send life-giving signals throughout your body - health, life, longevity, healing and change.

Graphic of figure scratching its head while standing on a path that splits five ways

2. Take every thought captive

When you practice being more in tune with what you’re thinking about, you’ll begin to notice how often your thoughts are toxic. So, at the first sign of a toxic thought (negative, critical, complaining, angry, unforgiving, or filled with self-pity), STOP. Imagine yourself grabbing that thought (taking it captive) and throwing it right out of your brain. 

You’ll probably have to do this quite often in the beginning! You might miss a few here and there, but remember—you have a choice in what you think. Choose life-giving thoughts, choose to think about whatever is pure, lovely and of a good report. What you’re thinking might be correct—but is it helpful? If not, it doesn’t belong in your mind, releasing toxic chemicals to your brain.

So capture every thought don’t allow them to run rampant, check for the lie, reject the lie, and embrace the truth! This is your responsibility and your choice to do so.

3. Replace toxic thoughts

To replace toxic thoughts (negativity, unforgiveness, anger, depression) with God’s thoughts, we have to change the attitude of our minds from “I can’t,” to “I can. But back it in Belief!  Change your mind by practicing thoughts of love and victory. Direct your attention to the way God thinks, and your brain will change course to agree with what God intends. When you think like God thinks, you will activate every zone of your brain, and you will change the physical structure and function of the brain.

The same is true if you begin thinking negatively about your health or finances. Stop right there! Don’t let your mind chatter trick you into receiving defeat. Replace those thoughts with thoughts of victory. (Speak Scripture that reveals what God says about your situation.) Your mind has to follow your words. So, think truth!

Another key here is be thankful at all times. Keep a gratitude journal this is a powerful transformational tool used by many.

When you take these three steps to change your thinking, it won’t be long before you create a new habit and begin to see a change in how you think, speak, feel and respond. Don’t let yourself be a victim of your own thoughts. Take back your power—take back your thoughts!

Taken from Kenneth Copleand's interview with Dr Caroline Leaf.

How will would you rank yourself in these areas?


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