Life Coaching

Looking back on the last six months since I started life coaching with Angela, it is amazing to see how much I have changed.  I will always be grateful to her for all that she has taught me.  I have changed from being quite depressed, feeling powerless, negative and having little excitement about the future to a person who is living by my motivators – freedom, love and passion.  I feel so positive, my self-esteem has increased greatly and I feel so positive and driven to make the best of my life and my business, not to mention others have noticed and commented on the positive change in me.  I have learnt to take my power back and to focus on myself and what I can do. I now have the ability to make a successful business and have a happy personal life.  The skills Angela has taught me are ones I will rely on for the rest of my life.

  • Vicky Pattison
  • Nelson New Zealand

Life Coaching

I am a self-employed Butcher in Golden Bay and I also am employed elsewhere part-time, prior to signing up with Angela for her six month coaching package I was constantly stressed and anxious working a 48+ week I had too much clutter in my life and dreams for my business that I was not getting on with which was frustrating me immensely.

By the end of the coaching package I now operate completely differently I have greater control and flexibility with my time, don’t say yes to everyone any longer my work environment and xero are all in order I have learnt some great mindfulness techniques so less stressed, my packages and prices are in order also, which has improved my income level. Angela got me very present to the cost of the things I’d been tolerating in my life which helped heaps to shift me and change things. I have even have made time in my week for me and am exercising regularly.

I have no hesitation in recommending others to get coaching from Angela she is very likeable great to work with and cares but doesn’t let you get away with much at all which is what I needed.

  • Georgie Moleta
  • Takaka, New Zealand

Life Coaching

Angela has a very gentile supportive coaching style that allowed me to see areas of my life that needed work if I wished to achieve my goals. I had 8 sessions with her which she enabled me to see that wealth begins with our own beliefs and values and that life will throw all sorts at you, to challenge those beliefs. I had detached from my responsibilities and was feeling in a stuck and frustrated place, which I did not know how to move from. Angela helped me to see the misbeliefs I was operating over and to take responsibility and ownership for them, she gave me insight an awareness about myself I was consciously unaware of and the tools to collapse these projections. I now have such an excited enthusiasm for my future and my path ahead is so much clearer now.

  • Alistair Moore

Life Coaching

 Personal development attracted me to coaching with Angela Micco-Harris.  Landing in a place where life as I had known it had taken a turn for the worst, (or so I thought), which eventually became the best thing that ever happened – ever! 

My time with Angela, looking at frustrations, dealing with the issues that were holding me back, being honest in personal areas that needed a revamp, basically breaking through the bricks in place where a little hard work found a door way has given me light at the end of the tunnel, and the change is liberating.

Transformed, fresh hope renewed, revived vision for a brighter fulfilled and purposeful future – these are just some of the expressions I think of as look back on the twelve weeks spent in coaching with Angela. I wholeheartedly and thoroughly recommend the journey. 

  • Petrina
  • Nelson

Life Coaching

I attended a seminar in Nelson that Angela was running on "The Perfect You - mind mood emotions" which I thoroughly enjoyed and therefore I felt one on one coaching was what I needed to further my personal development in changing un-useful habitual thought patterns. I spent three months working with Angela, she was readily available when I needed her which was great and very understanding with my situation, plus able to provide me with tools to help me in becoming more self-aware as to what was really going on within me, and how to de-trigger when my buttons were pushed, so I’d be less reactive on a day to day basis. After working with Angela, I feel empowered, equipped and much more positive, plus I have noticed a great change within me. So, I have no hesitation to recommend her services.

  • Sandi

Life Coaching

Angela has a very warm and positive style of coaching that helps encourage exploration of your behaviour and attitudes in a supportive way. What worked will was Angela was always encouraging and helped me focus on what was important. She used follow-up forms which were really useful in the process to help me focus on what was discussed and what I wanted to achieve. As an entrepreneurial Coach, I learned that you can still achieve things while having a more laid back attitude. I really liked the forms she used and will be using something similar with my clients in future. I am now content in making some changes to the way I approach each client session with the use of the feedback/focus form.

Angela is a warm and positive person whose personality and style encourages honest participation in the coaching process. Her style helps encourage exploration of your behavior and attitudes in a supportive way.

  • Harsha Mehta Business & Entrepreneurial Coach
  • Director at Coach4change

Life Coaching

I came to see Angela as I was at a point that I was fearful in making wrong choices around work and study options that I may later regret

I took up a number of coaching sessions where by she taught me new tools to aid in gaining clarity and understanding to see what was stopping me from doing the things that I wanted, and the things that would make me happy. She helped me have the ability and confidence to change my outlook on problems I faced, and overcome them in an informed, positive way, so grateful in taking the steps to seek help. 


  • Mitch Winter
  • Nelson

Life Coaching

I came to see Angela when I came to a point of feeling exhausted on a daily basis, feeling consumed by all I was doing running 3 different businesses instead of enjoying them. Things had got out of control. Naturally my family was also suffering. I found her non-judgemental and empathetic. She brought me to a place step by step where I could see things clearer, and from talking things through and coming up with fortnightly strategies and actions, plus make some hard but necessary calls around the businesses and putting things in place around my work, staff and family time. I always left feeling lighter having a plan of action which was great. She really sorted me out, my life now is much more enjoyable from that day I showed up at her office. Very grateful. 

  • Penny Rieter

Life Coaching

Having completed 6 sessions with Angela I can confidently say the coaching was worth it!  At the beginning I wasn't sure if it would be helpful thinking it would take too long for Angela to get to know me. However, Angela quickly tuned into my personality and current status and we soon developed open, warm, productive communication.  Anglea helped me prioritise some very big issues in my life, un-packing theses issues with me one-by-one to form a timely and manageable plan of action, and then kept me to task. Angela is real, honest, non-judgemental and approachable and genuinely works to enable others.

  • Gabrielle Humphries

Life Coaching

It was big step for me to take on a Life Coach but the best step. The best value for money I have ever had. Walking into Angela's office with no idea how this would work for me. I have a million thoughts, opportunities and desires running rampant in my head and always have.  Hence I never did any of them because where do you start?

After one session with Angela I had a set direction to go in and armed with my weekly action plan I realised I could reach my goal and all those rampant thoughts had disappeared!  I raced along towards my goal week after week getting closer and closer.  When a rampant thought jumped into my mind trying to head me off in a different direction, a bit of brainstorming with Angela and it was either sent packing or adopted!  That feeling of being in control with a set direction and the most important for me having accountability got me to where I am now.

My goal was to work for myself and I am proud to say I am but not without the amazing help from Angela.

  • Kendall Robinson

Life Coaching

I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and have accomplished so much, I was a little hesitant at first as I have never had a coach. Many of these things have come from what I learnt from you. More deeply though something has shifted and I feel confident I can look after myself financially. When I first met you I expressed the opposite. There has been a change in me but I only realise that when I take steps to change things. I am sure you know what I mean. I attribute a lot of this to the time I spent with you, the conversations and the challenges you set down for me. So thanks, for your expertise and direction also.

  • Christine Walker

Life Coaching

I really appreciated Angela’s direction, wisdom and sense of humour during the life coaching sessions. The sessions provided me with valuable structure, support and sanity during a major time of transition for myself and my family as we settled back in Nelson.

  • Kate Leggett

Laser Coaching

“When I was at a cross roads in my career, Angela helped me navigate my future. Ultimately, she helped me decide what road to take. I would highly recommend Angela as an excellent coach. She’s personable, helpful & always very patient with the utmost integrity.”  

  • Ian Challenger

Laser Coaching

I’m eternally grateful to Angela. Right from the first session we had, Angela made me feel really comfortable to share things I’d never shared with anyone. I was very impressed at how simple her process was. The change has been inspiring and it feels great to be in control of my life again. 

  • Missy Hearfield

Laser Coaching

I went to see Angela in regards to a dilemma I found myself in as to what are my next steps. She was wonderful, easy to talk to and she got me thinking things differently due to her questioning skills. I left feeling lighter and can now see an achievable way forward to my dream plus its OK to dream big, I have little steps now to take to get to the bigger steps ahead. I even got started on my homework right away. I found the session was mind opening and motivating. She was very good.

  • Elaine Bartlett

Laser Coaching

Thanks Angela for our session. I enjoyed the process and it helped me clarify short term goals in the interest of better outcomes for my company Astas Distribution NZ Ltd, I now have a plan and some actions to implement. 

  • Hilma Schieving

Financial Coaching

“Angela’s coaching package was recommended by our accountant. It provided revelation for us, rewiring into new beliefs, knowing of an abundance mindset and daily empowering truths. We are now saving, have a purposeful attitude to money matters.  It has made a real difference, we are empowered, the fear & anxiety is gone, and we can openly and positively communicate about money.”


  • Nikki & Sandy McNeil
  • Tauranga

Financial Coaching

 Angela's post on Facebook came at the right time as my wife and I struggled to correctly manage our money and to also communicate with each other about it. When Angela outlined what we would be covering over the 8 weeks, we easily jumped at the opportunity to sort out The phycology behind why we do what we do with money was very eye-opening!! Angela guided us through a series of homework tasks (with some humour thrown in) and she very quickly made us realise that the status quo was not an option. 

Now, my wife and I have the same goals laid out and a plan to achieve them! We now discuss money openly, without stress or arguments. The small investment we made to be partnered with Angela, has already saved us thousands!!! Thank you, Angela, you're an angel!!    

If you are reading this and asking yourself, 'I wonder if my financial position could be better?', I suggest you contact Angela for a no obligation chat. You will be so pleased you did, just like us. 

  • Trev & Rose Simpson
  • Christchurch New Zealand

Financial Coaching

 I met Angela at a Networking group and when I heard about how she Coaches people for success with their personal finances I knew this is what I needed, so I signed up for her 3 month program it was so worth it! even though I felt a little awkward to reach out for help, I’m so glad I did. I had many fears around money, earning more and not been able to manage it well and my earning ability, as I owned my own business. I discovered I was self-sabotaging myself in many areas with my business and managing my finances which although my business was doing well it was not helpful to what I really wanted. The change in me now and my business has been incredible to the point I now enjoy doing my GST and using Xerox,  as prior I would put this off as things were a mess. My bank accounts are in order I have a savings account and goals I wish to achieve and I am even paying myself a wage for my personal life which I had not been doing.  My mindset has had a huge shift and the belief in myself around my fears with money and my inability with money have now gone, I’m confident and excited to bring in the extra money which has already started. I strongly have no hesitant in recommending Angela she really knows her stuff and it was even fun, she can really help you!

  • Nicole Atkinson
  • Be-balanced Chiropractor, Tauranga

Financial Coaching

In the past we avoided financial responsibilities and would get in arguments about our financial situation. We were clueless about what was going on and spending frivolously. Since working with Angela we have managed to take control of our finances. Our money beliefs have improved and we are clear about where our money is coming from and going to, we even now have extra money going to Savings and for Emergency, more importantly, our debt now is much less. Angela helped us prioritise what we were spending our money on, making a budget was great and setting up different bank accounts and automatic payments have been amazing. Money for us now is a non-issue between us and the concerns we had are gone. We highly recommend Angela to assist with your financial situation to make the most of what you have. 

  • Lisa & Jason Edgecombe
  • Tauranga New Zealand

Financial Coaching

I wanted to make some changes in my Finances, as this wasn’t a strength area for me.   Having met Angela I knew she was the coach for me in this area, and I was absolutely right.  Working with Angela was a great investment in me and in my financial future. 

As a coach, Angela was supportive, yet challenging.  She listened and she wasn’t judgemental.   Sometimes you feel stupid to admit that this is something that you are not particularly good at, or that you had got into non-constructive habits around.  I felt vulnerable, so it was really important to work with someone that I could trust and respect.   The resources that Angela provided helped me to reflect and the actions and exercises were useful in providing perspective and structure around what was important to me around my finances, my financial goals and where I wanted to save or spend money.  I was surprised to find that I actually really enjoyed my coaching sessions, we made progress and we laughed along the way, as well as the occasional tears. 

Twelve months on, I can say that I still have new financial habits and I have achieved the six-month financial goal that I set out to achieve, a two month trip to the UK to visit family, all saved and paid for myself before going.   On a daily basis I notice that I am much more money conscious, whilst still living my values, particularly that of generosity.

If you are looking to make a change in financial habits or financial future, it is worth investing in coaching with Angela.  For me it has paid for itself many times over and I can now confidently say that I make sound financial decisions, and trust myself to create a sound financial future, whilst enjoying the present.

The old me used to spend like there was no tomorrow, and really without thinking to much.  The new me makes value based, financial decisions based on my short term and long term goals and with my budget in mind, a much more balanced approach.

  • Tia Chakravarty
  • Auckland

Financial Coaching

Angela spoke at a business seminar I attended. She was introduced as the Money Coach and after hearing what she had to say, I thought Yes this is what I need, someone to organise and look into my current personal spending and set up so I can achieve my financial goals quicker.  I enrolled for 6 sessions and I found it very beneficial, for someone who was hopeless at savings and having an easy to track system in place Angela was very helpful. I now have a savings account with a substantial amount in there. Angela is very approachable and friendly  I would totally recommend her services.

  • Tanea Collier
  • Nelson

Financial Coaching

I can’t speak highly enough of Angela’s work as a Financial Coach/Life Coach. I felt like I had no direction, lacked confidence and couldn’t save any money even though I had a good job.  Angela helped me quickly turn that around: We set up a budget and realistic goals both short and long term. I even managed a short trip to India with no debt on the credit card. Most importantly she helped me believe in myself. Angela is an approachable, kind hearted person who cares and will be with you every step of your journey.

  • Joshua Donnelly

Financial Coaching

"I recently completed Angela's Financial Freedom in Action online sessions for 2 months.  I have never really wanted to look at financial matters at all really.  I was always a bit scared to look at how much I was spending and didn't really want to know either.  I knew I couldn't really continue on in that way and knew I needed to take control of it all and get more confident with budgeting.  This course really got me to look at where I was actually functioning from with money and through the tools, Angela suggests plus tools I use in my own practice, I was able to jump the barriers to 'not wanting to know' and into actually desiring to be more in control.  Angela gave me great advice and insights now I'm actually totally OK about moving forward with money and functioning in a way that means I know what is going on and I'm happy to know, rather than simply avoid.  Plus, I can now save for the things I truly desire.  Angela was great to work with and I highly recommend this to all. Fantastic.  

  • Rachel Salter

Financial Coaching

Hearing Angela speak at a Chamber presentation made me realise that I could benefit from her services.  I met with Angela in a follow-up session and found her really easy to talk to.  I arranged to have 6 sessions over the following months.  In the first session, we set some clear strategies and goals on what I wanted to achieve, around time management and goals for work and a robust personal budget, so over the following months set about reaching these goals.  Angela had some very useful advice.  Not only was it great to just have an hour out of my busy schedule to sit and talk and discuss these things with someone,  but after each session I came away with a ‘to do list’ of things I had to get through before our next session.  Which made me spring into action and get these things done.  By the end of our 6 sessions, I felt that I had really achieved my goals.  I found Angela to be a lovely warm person and very easy to talk with, but also very firm in making sure I did what was required to reach my goals.  I would recommend Angela to anyone needing some guidance and support in their life; whether it be setting personal goals, meeting work commitments, help with financial budgeting, or all of these things!

  • Nicola Roberts

Financial Coaching

My partner and I went to see Angela as we knew we needed to get serious about how we were spending our money and make some changes if we were going to succeed in getting rid of our debt faster and start saving for our first home. We had 3 sessions with Angela and I was impressed to learn how much I was actually squandering away on not much and so amazed and encouraged to see how much I can now be achieving towards my goals if I stick with the plan. Angela is easy to get on with, non-judgemental and tells you how it really is, she gave some great tips on how to be using my money wiser and what to do to avoid a couple of pitfalls I sometimes would face and they worked well. So glad I made the decision to get help.

  • Yen Pettersson

Financial Coaching

I’m so glad I came across Angela when I did. She genuinely cares, is sincere and real in her approach, and has a fun sense of humour. She encouraged and supported me with a great plan to see me recover from a tough financial time in my life. Angela kept me on track, is non-judgemental and insightful.

  • Cusla Sangster

Financial Coaching

Angela has worked with me on gaining focus and direction to cope with an overwhelming workload. She has kept me on track and has helped give me a perspective from the outside of the business. She was very well prepared for each meeting and always recapped on what we wanted to achieve and what we were going to achieve, the outcomes and ensure that I had a list of what I needed to go and action. She was encouraging and motivating I would always leave her feeling I can do this and I did.

  • Ruth Fegan

Financial Coaching

Angela taught me how banks really work, and now I will have my personal loan paid off in just a year instead of  three years! I even have a small savings account and Kiwisaver. I can’t thank Angela enough - she’s changed everything. Working with her was such a pleasure, she’s really down to earth and approachable.

  • John Perkins

Financial Coaching

Angela has given me a new relationship with money. I now have a budget plan that is flexible and caters to my varied income, I know where every last cent is going. Angela has empowered me to make better decisions and given me structure to my Banks accounts that match my Budget. I no longer say "yes" to everything. She creates a calm and relaxed environment in which you can deal with your money issues. Angela has made me a stronger person and taken a lot of stress off. I recommend her to all. Thanks Angela.

  • Lee Anne Dixon

Financial Coaching

“Angela was recommended to us for her expertise, knowledge and practical approach to our home finances. She lived up to expectations, is non-judgemental and helped us in so many ways including managing our Insurance. We’re happy to highly recommend her."

  • Jane Dillion

Life Coach Testimonial, Leadership and financial coaching Testimonial

Angela is a positive, uplifting and engaging person to be around. She has infectious energy and a passion for helping people develop better money habits and grow richer.

  • Johny O'Donnell
  • Director, speaker, trainer & business coach at Pathways to Success

Seminar Presentation

Angela Cheruseo of Vision Coach presented at our November Lunch & Learn business meeting. Angela spoke about Work Life Balance and time management. Angela is a very engaging speaker. Her presentation was well planned and included many useful tips and suggestions to help us improve in these areas which are important for business and life in general. We all enjoyed listening to Angela’s inspiring talk and took away several ideas to use in our busy lives. We will be inviting Angela back to speak again at future events.

  • Sarah Holmes
  • Manager at Nelson Tasman Business Trust, Nelson New Zealand

Seminar Presentation

I approached Angela about a presentation regarding “Goal setting for 2017” for our Library customers. Leading up to the presentation, I found corresponding with Angela, a straightforward, timely and welcoming process. The “Goal setting” presentation was well organised, relevant and productive. The handouts were clear and on point. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Angela’s valuable tips and hearing personal stories and have received positive feedback on the talk. I will certainly be putting the tips into practice. I was very impressed by Angela’s demeanour and look forward to meeting up with Angela again sometime. Thanks Angela

  • Janine Gillions
  • Manager at Motueka Library

Seminar Presentation

As a business network friend of Angela’s, I decided to hear her presentation on “Becoming Moneywise” to support her and discover what I may learn. She was really great, interactive, friendly and able to answer all questions that came her way in regards to money. I told her after she was “in her element” and she is. For me I learnt that I need to get back to having a budget and a discussion with my husband about aspects of our finances, to look at our outgoings and how we can consolidate things.

  • Janine Pugh

Seminar Presentation

Angela’s seminar was fun and interesting. She gave our staff budgeting advice with real-life examples with a refreshing sense of humour. The seminar finished with money management tips to help our staff become financially independent.

  • David Shellock
  • Extractor Co-ordinator at Nutri-Zeal, Nelson Tasman New Zealand

Seminar Presentation

I attended Angela's 'Living by Your Personal Code' seminar last week and LOVED it. Angela stuck to time, got through everything and was really engaging. We believed in what she was saying because her Life and Money Coaching experience come from personal situations and real-life experience and she was very open and genuine in sharing those experiences with us - so refreshing! it was informative, interesting, made a lot of sense and Angela was really captivating.

I've come away with some really good tips and tricks to put in place now before things get out of control and in the way of "life". Thank you so much, Angela, it really was a game-changer.

  • Jacqui Ward
  • Owner at Abel HR Ltd, Nelson New Zealand

Money Workshops

A Few of My Latest Money workshop testimonials:  2018

“a very informative course with a motivating and knowledgeable facilitator who is passionate about helping others reach Financial freedom”.   Kathy Gillibrad

“I am now motivated to begin exercising positive financial habits & beliefs. I have the tools to do so, I have hopw and much less fear around money and what is to come. I know I have choices and I am willing to take responsibility for my future”.  Shama Caldwell

“Thanks for a great inspiring day I feel excited & empowered now to take a comprehensive look at our finances and how we can achieve our goals. Your presentation was personable and friendly”. Trish Metcalf

“I have risen now out of the place of being in my head that was occupied by the single parent on a fixed income, I now see a way forward and have faith that I will be financially secure in my old age”.  Anna Larson

“I’ve being made aware of the negative mindset, and grateful for the tools you’ve placed in my hands. You took away the “big boggy man” and have made it achievable fun and fulfilling. A huge thank-you”.  Hope Martin

“If we called today a “financial warrant of fitness” I see I would probably get a “fail” However this now gives me tools to attempt a more hands on approach to manage my finances well and to stop procrastinating”. Paul Metcalf

“Angela gives across her passion to move people forward to achieve their goals, get over their mountains and to see through the jumble of life and stuff. Made it very clear for me to see my goals and has given me tools and steps to achieve them so lowering the stress”.  Anne Michelle

“A huge amount of information was transferred by Angela with loads of value. Angela is a gifted presenter and I really enjoyed her personal accounts and experiences”.  Jason Templer

  • A few testimonials from Money workshops 2018