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Be free from anxiety, frustration and or confusion. For most of us, the biggest barrier to success and happiness is ourselves. The good news:  we’re also the single most important factor in removing these barriers. Whether it’s to achieve financial freedom, business success, creating an extraordinary life, having healthy relationships or achieving a particular goal or get unstuck. Having a healthy mindset is an incredibly valuable tool, combined with seeing a clear path ahead, knowledge, new insights and equipped with the right tools.

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Hi my name is Angela, passionate to help those who are ready for change.

Are you struggling to gain momentum? Do the challenges that life throws at you seem insurmountable?  Do you have aspiration to start a business, achieve your goals, get unstuck, be less busy? Are you unable to sleep at night?  Wanting to make your mark on the world but don’t yet have the confidence, or desiring to improve your finances and get saving, eliminate debt?  Could you benefit from a coach and accountability to make the changes you want to see in your life?

Life Coach Nelson

One on One Coaching

Investing in a Personal or Professional Development Coach will allow you to gain greater clarity, be empowered and equipped to produce extraordinary results to live life to your full potential. which will impact for the better all areas of your life.


Money Management Coach Nelson

Money Coaching

Are you struggling with ongoing money worries? This can affect all areas of your life, If so, you're not alone. But the good news is that by investing in a Money Coach, you can reduce or remove debt, prepare for retirement, and improve the management of your income.

Regardless of your income level, our Financial Coaching program can help you get your money working harder for you. We'll show you how to increase savings, reduce expenses, and achieve financial security and peace of mind. With our expert guidance and support, you'll develop a clear plan for achieving your financial goals and building a brighter future


Arise and Shine Online Group

Reigning In Life: Online Discipling

Clarity, greater confidence, motivation and more self-awareness.

Be encouraged, empowered and strengthened to be TO SOAR - TO BE YOU, go deeper in the things of God and what bible says, grow in your faith, trust & Love of God, who you are, whose you are. Greater Revelation & Truths revealed. Bible teachings and Coaching. 


Emotional Prosperity Coach Nelson

Heart Restoration 

 -Healed -Delivered -Whole

Emotional Health: Know one escapes experiences of hurts, disappointments and traumas that life throws at us. When undealt with, the wounds from these are stored within us and often unconsciously, will show up when triggered. Understand how your inner critic works, gain the correct tools and truths. Therefore build emotional well-being so you can reclaim your life with a healed heart and soul and go forward with a free and clear inner foundation.


Talmid Charitable Trust: 

Arise & Shine Events & Retreats

Angela is, passionate about stirring and equipping the Body of Christ to be all they were originally created to be.  Based in Nelson, though Angela also travels outside her hometown.

Be encouraged, empowered and strengthened to be TO SOAR - TO BE YOU, go deeper in the things of God and what bible says, grow in your faith, trust & Love of God, who you are, whose you are. Greater Revelation & Truths revealed. Bible teachings and Coaching. 

If you sense to sow into this Ministry and the lives of others of the Body of Christ that is appreciated, as this contributes to the costs been able to go towards covering the expenses to run the Events & Retreats to a minimum, as the work is voluntary based so no income is taken. Purpose to aid in stirring and equipping the body, to be all Christ created us to be here and now, as He calls each of us higher.

  If you feel led in partnering with the Talmid discipling events and retreats to make this happen. 

Bank NZ acc: 030703 0068669 - 00

We are a registered charitable trust - CC61540

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About My Approach

• Get a bespoke solution formed around your goal

• Build your self-awareness and confidence, removing self-sabotage

• Master your financial psychology and beliefs

• Be held accountable for writing your own success story

• Combined coaching tools, intuitive techniques and biblical wisdom

• In person coaching (Nelson)

• Online coaching (New Zealand-wide)

• In Person Group Seminars (New Zealand-wide)

I am based in Nelson, New Zealand, most of my clients are online and am an accredited business/life and money coach, as well as a speaker and published author. A mother to two adult children and married to Anthony who supports and encourages me in all I do. Having faced significant life challenges in health and relationships I feel I have many life skills and successful experiences to add to my tool box with proven tools to expertly guide you with empathy and understanding.

Tools & Qualifications

• Evolve Certified Leadership Coach

• Results Certified Coach

• Member of International Coaching Federation

• Certified Budget Advisor via Kingdom Resources

• Sozo Facilitator


I feel so positive, my self-esteem has increased greatly and I feel so positive and driven to make the best of my life and my business, not to mention others have noticed and commented on the positive change in me.  -Vicky


Angela brought me to a place step by step where I could see things clearer, and from talking things through and coming up with fortnightly strategies and actions, plus make some hard but necessary calls around the businesses and putting things in place around my work, staff and family time.  -Penny


That feeling of being in control with a set direction and the most important for me having accountability got me to where I am now. My goal was to work for myself and I am proud to say I am but not without the amazing help from Angela.  -Kendall


My wife and I now discuss money openly, without stress or arguments. The small investment we made to be partnered with Angela, has already saved us thousands!!! Thank you, Angela, you're an angel!  -Trevor & Rose

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