Reigning in Life - Online Mentoring Community.

Spiritual & Personal development. Gain biblical revelations, deeper relationship with God and accountability.


God is here right now on planet earth again, IN YOU. You are His living, breathing image. You have value beyond compare and He desires that you would shine and thrive in life!



We gather to be mentored and coached in a safe honest and open place, willing to be stretched to grow and mature.  What does it like for us to be disciples of Christ in our individual lives? Combining the truth of the Word" and practically how to walk in the reality of God's will for us as believers in this world and the obstacles we face along the way.

  • Daily experience reality of new creation life.
  • Being the revelation today of Jesus on earth.
  • Be saturated in His love
  • Knowing as His Priests and Kings the joy and power of operating from “rest”

We don't need more information - we need more training and equipping

Being part of a group to journey in life of like-minded, dedicated, eager people, gaining greater clarity and willing to  be stirred, challenged, encouraged and hungry to go deeper in the things of God and live life abundantly.

Gain tools to be equipped and empowered to walk our faith and reflect Christ into our family, community and workplace. Lets go!

We Will...

Have weekly, hourly meetings by zoom

NOTE this will be posted on the Private facebook group if you cant attend the live call.

Have at times tasks to complete and ponder on with God. Pray for each other.

Surrounding ourselves with likeminded purposeful people is vital for growth and revelation.  


1 John 4: 17 “all that Jesus is so are we in this world”

Romans 5: 17 “tells us that those who receive the abundance of grace, and the gift of righteousness will reign in life through Jesus Christ”

Isaiah 60:1 "Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you.

John 10: 10  “But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow!”


The Cost - $49 monthly fee

Email me to book your place.

Once joined you will receive 

Tabernacle Teachings – 11 sessions.  

  • Introduction & importance of Holy Communion.   
  • The Construction part 1.   
  • The Construction part 2.   
  • The Gate & The Brazen Altar.   
  • The Laver & The Coverings over the Roof.   
  • The Table, Sho-bread & The Lampstand part 1.   
  • The Lampstand part 2.   
  • The Altar of Incense part 1.   
  • The Altar of Incense part 2 & The Spices.   
  • The Ark of the Covenant part 1.   
  • The Ark of the Covenant part 2.


Purchase the Foundational Teaching Series - 12 sessions.  cost $79

  • Importance of Love.   
  • Heart Restoration.   
  • The Different Types of Healing Tools.   
  • Work-Life Balance-Your Goals & Values.  
  • Work-Life Balance-Work.    
  • Work-Life Balance-Personal Life.  
  • Power of Our Words.   
  • Meditating & Seeing.   
  • Our Dreams, Purpose & Assignment.   
  • Gratitude.
  • Bonus Extra: Endurance v Enjoyment.




"I enjoy been part of this online community with Angela, I get a lot out of it.  Angela is an expert in all of these areas and offers valid practical steps to on how to implement them.  I think it’s due to her ability to link the spiritual to the physical with practical tools. This approach is unique and helped me more forward in different areas.  I also recommend doing the additional option of SOZO, in combination with the nine steps she teaches, it is life transforming."  - Narissa

"Body, Soul, Spirit. YES!!  Loved it - got me really "focused" on many important things in Life. it was my time for some self-discipline/self-control.  TICK!!  I was able to realise my self worth and increase confidence, to the point I will be coming off anti-depressants.  And have attained a realistic goal of employing 2 casual staff members to my business.  Angela really delivered in a way I was able to receive.  Highly recommend. Thanks heaps with massive blessings" - Kay

"The quality of the information I received and the interaction I had with Angela was excellent, I felt challenged in many areas and supported throughout the 10wks and listened to. When I saw the online group come up I felt led by the spirit to sign up due to certain words that were said. I am now so much aware of my triggers, what triggers them and how I can resolve this as to what I can do about it. I have really enjoyed the wisdom around matters of the heart, thus has really resonated! Also work/life balance! so I will continue on the waka with Angela"  - Chanel

"I have been very satisfied with the online group, I decided to join to improve the quality of my life and my own development and to be more intentional with my walk with God. I have had much coaching and counseling before, but this was different, I am now more focused on the “cost” in not shifting my state due to completing the exercise Angela gave us to do with God, rather than staying in the grief or disappointment, so I can now move more quicker. Which enables me to be more upbeat. The small cost is well worth it "   - Karen

The Kingdom Centre Nelson

Get in touch today!  Cost $29 mth

If you are determined and ready to move forward then let's chat - call Angela on 027 348 3207 or send me an email