5 reasons why people never become wealthy

  • 4 May 2015
  • Angela Miccio-Harris

A bucket full of gold coins

1. It never occurs to them.
2. They never decide to.
3. They procrastinate.
4. Inability to delay gratification.
5. They have a lack of time perspective.

I have found whilst these five reasons can be correct for many, the main reason I feel is because of their sub-conscious beliefs operating within them about money and wealth. This affects their ability to attract money and save it. This often plays a part in the way they are dealing with money without them even been consciously aware of it.

There can be many sub-conscious incorrect beliefs operating within people. One main one is the feeling of unworthiness, so when they reach a certain level of money they self sabotage their own efforts to go further as it becomes uncomfortable for them.
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