Blazing Triumphantly Through This Year

  • 4 February 2022
  • Angela Miccio-Harris


With all that is going on right now, there is a lot of people struggling with fear and lack of vision, just confusion and are overwhelmed with the state of the world NZ. I believe it is important for us all to maintain a positive vision target to aim for this year. So, I will be posting over the next week 5/6 certain posts and my desire is you will be inspired, encouraged and equipped to navigate well 2022 the ups and downs.

Regardless of what’s going on and what our thoughts are on it all, it’s important to keep dreaming and to have a clear vision and some goals to reach for, with a pathway to get their this 2022. We are all called be the navigators of our life if we choose to take that position if not life will just happen to us by people and circumstances around us, never a pretty situation to be in, in the end.

Whether 2022 for you is a time to rest – (which does not mean a time to do nothing but instead a season of “replenishing” your soul spirit and body in some way) or a time to go into action. The point is to know what season you are in and so know what is to be your direction and focus for this new year, to know the target ahead to reach.

I know for myself each new year over the last 5 years especially I have had set goals to pursue which included some big personal hurdles to get through and business dreams and goals I wished to achieve. Having some amazing leaders inputting into me in various ways and my Faith to hold on to I came out on top. Even in the midst of the challenges the end outcomes always produced a positive result in various ways, I may have wished certain trials would end sooner at times but by staying hopeful, steadfast and getting back up quickly to move forward I got through. Even prior to 2017 many moments of growth, lessons learnt, and discoveries made took place some not noted in the immediate moment, and that is ok to. Life is never meant to be totally easy things happen it’s how we navigate our journey that matters.

The last two years have been a season of rest – replenishing for me. Which I was so grateful to be in, which allowed me the time also where we could prepare and plan our move down to Nelson well and had free time to understand and get my head around the new “era” way of life, we all are now in and been free to help and support Mum with Dad which has been huge – dementia is a terrible illness to watch your loved ones go through.

We would all agree our history, our pain can shape us all, which affects how we handle and see difficult situations especially, challenges and people, and the stress we can experience in it all, but our past does not need to define us. Many of us have some amazing stories to tell, the moments we “stood firm’ “folded” or “left - went in the opposite direction” Those times of testing is our story. We are making decisions small or large every minute in our day and wisdom and courage is hugely beneficial to. Whatever your own story is we should not be ashamed of it they make us what we are. “Our apprenticeship to life”

May you know what season you are in for this year, navigate it well, be aware of distractions and know it won’t just happen it’ll take effort to achieve your goals and aspirations for 2022 as the suddenly’ s of life no doubt will come across our path. Hence my reason for my future postings this coming week.

Saw this quote which I enjoyed reading

“Strong women aren’t born strong, we are forged through the challenge of life, with each challenge we grow emotionally and mentally. We move forward with our head held high and a strength that cannot be denied. A woman who has been through the storm and survived. WE ARE WARRIORS” author unknown.

Romans 5: 3-5 “we Glory in tribulation because testing produces perseverance and perseverance produces character and character produces hope and hope does not disappoint because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts”

 One arm and still living her dream.


Do you wish for this year to be better than the past years? Do you desire to go further, accomplish more, live in contentment, make changes, and or see change in yourself? Yes? Read on!

Many of us no doubt all experienced a time where we overcame a large hurdle, achieved something fantastic and so know what it takes to do so. Looking back for me my biggest growth, development and accomplishment was leaving permanently a toxic situation, achieving top honors in personal & professional development 4-month intensive coaching training program & then on the brink of turning 50 re-locating to Tauranga to re-launch my Coaching business knowing only two people there. Wasn’t easy big changes and big goals never are, but looking back it took me needing to step out of my comfort zone and implement all I knew, learnt and trusted God for and so digging deep into my faith with Him at my side to do so and trust myself also.

As I continue writing I'll be sharing some things I’ve learnt and experienced myself.

First of know and believe that with the right mindset, purpose, and discipline all things are possible.


• Have a quiet time away from distractions and noise, get paper, and pen and write. Make time to stop, get out of the hustle and bustle of your busy life and look back evaluate your 2021. So, ask the searching questions and write the answers that come. If not its more than likely you will keep doing the same old same old.

• Ask yourself how far did I come this last year, where did I really progress and where did I decline – what worked, what didn’t? Where am I strong, where do I want to get stronger? What did I learn and do well in? What did I learn but not action day to day and why? What are those things that have troubled me for a long time that still trouble me today?



• Scan your past and write down areas in your life where you were wounded or hurt – in recent times or those traced to your childhood which keep showing up still now and trigger a certain reaction in you or cause you pain.

• What prevents me from dealing with this – fear, bewilderment, it’s too hard? Are you holding on to - bitterness, rejection, lack of self-worth, anxiety, procrastination? Do you need to forgive someone or yourself? Honest self-evaluation is critical to move forward well.

• What distracts you? What do you get stuck on?

These are all the stones in your shoes that keep showing up year after year and will stop you from flourishing in all you were created to be.

It is huge advantage to know who we are internally and where we have come from, we all have a story. This is the rock under our feet. Being secure and grounded in our true identity helps up to not keep tripping up over the same obstacles and issues year after year. Identity shines the light of revelation on what needs changing. We are then able to overcome.

1. Check to see - do we need to get outside mentoring or other help to acquire some tools, accountability, or guidance?

2. What we desire to achieve when lined up with our values and believes will mirror our true identity - what lights us up, Write these down! Understand and know YOU.

Make time for this, no distractions, don’t rush and be honest. In doing so we must not be hard on yourself, but we also don’t sweep things under the rug (for that is either self-condemnation or avoidance, and the fruit of each is remaining stuck, with no change).


• Make a list of the areas of our life or business you want to see a change in, write them in a way that'll excite you. Change that when complete and lived would have you beaming like guests in a joy party.

Most of us aspire to progress forward, improve, succeed and triumph in some area of our life, be it in our relationship, family, health, work, finances, or spiritually. So, we all need a goal to aim for in these areas, or we will go nowhere or be making snail pace steps and it’ll be a dream only so write your goal down get specific.



1.We often have more trust/faith in our ability to fail then to succeed, so let’s up our Faith for 2022. If we do in an area its ok pick yourself up re-evaluate and start again.

2. Remember we need to take responsibility for ourselves with all this, how we behave and how we spend our time.

3. Persevere, get up and keep looking forward to the prize. Any prize takes work to attain, much of that battle is in our mind overcoming lies about our true identity! Think about a gold medal at the Olympics’, it’s not just handed to us because we want it.

4. Our thoughts have the power to shape the way we see ourselves and how we interact with others. Scripture tells us “Carefully guard our thoughts as they are the source of true life” Proverbs 4: 23 and to “renew our minds”

5. When negativity or doubt try to take up space in our minds one tool is - to capture it and ensure you speak truth to every lie, with scripture or declarations.

6. Keep a daily Gratitude journal it’s a very powerful tool eventually you will begin to see the world around you with a different lens.

Discipline, Desire, Determination equals victory.

Remember and be encouraged - although we may lose some battles, we will aim to win more than we lose. That added strength, stamina, and enthusiasm to run the race of life well. That grit to endure and overcome what comes our way, allows us to hold fast to what is true for us and it no doubt will look different to someone beside you.

Phili 3:13-14 (TPT) I don’t depend on my own strength to accomplish this; [a] however I do have one compelling focus: I forget all of the past as I fasten my heart to the future instead. 14 I run straight for the divine invitation of reaching the goal and gaining the victory-prize through the anointing of Jesus.


We are all aware that as of December we have entered a new season of doing life - the traffic light system, mask wearing etc… and no doubt more changes still to be revealed to how we are told to do life moving forward will show up. This will affect all areas of our lives, business, workplace, social, faith, recreation, and sadly for some people their relationships with others.

There is no point burying our heads in the sand and holding our breath awaiting a return of “pre 2020 life, or life will pass by, and we will remain frustrated and annoyed, stressed and depressed.

We need to adjust to what whatever pathway we have chosen, if you have been sadly told to leave your job, been vax or not and whether we are fearful of boarders opening up or not opening up and whether the virus is coming to town or not.

We must keep moving forward and get back into making plans having goals and instigating all I said is POST 1 here.

Before we get into looking at the nitty gritty of certain areas, Let's ensure we have a clean slate and are aware of a few points, so we are able to walk out to the end of 2022 Triumphantly and well.

Here are six important tips to ponder and walk in. These will help you adjust to what is occurring in our nation and your life, and steps towards being the best you with new sense of hope, excitement, and peace to achieve your plan for 2022 from post 1

1.Know what you can change and effect, and what you can’t

Ensure you have a quiet time every day. This will help you know your place in this new season. What “lane” you are to be in where your focus is to lie. This will be different for us all as we are all unique and have different talents, gifts and beliefs and desires as to what we wish to achieve. Do not allow yourself to be distracted and taken of course moving forward.

2. Don’t look back

Looking back will stop you from moving forward. So, don’t! Eyes forward is part of adjusting to the new season and letting go what is gone. This can be challenging, and might include people, cities, jobs or even unfinished projects. Looking ahead will reveal whether you need a fresh vision for your future?

3. It's a time for endurance and faith

Regardless of your views it will be a time for us all to have endurance and faith activated. Due to changes made, and the “suddenly’ s” still to come, so our faith in our goals is to be solid within us to enable us to be adaptable and nimble mentally and in the practical things. So, we can hold firm to the decisions we make to readjust and an endurance within can be established to last the distance.

Faith enables us to not shrink back. (a believe for what is not yet seen to come about. Be it a goal you wish to achieve or a knowing for something to occur)

4. Keep your Love on

For people around you, and in the circumstances, you face which may be upsetting to you, we keep our love on. We are all in a time of adjusting and doing the best we can. As we head back to work and or get our children ready for school This may not be easy with many emotions at play. But we ensure we purposely walk in kindness, self-control, gentleness, patience and strive to maintain our inner joy and peace to continue to be our best self as we move forward.

5. Give Your Heart Space to Adjust

The last eighteen months, with all that has gone on, the interruptions and change, well need I say more. We allow ourselves to hand over all our doubts, fears and even trauma and wounds to God. We ask and allow God to minister to us and affirm into our inner being. It is a time to internally reconcile and be revived.

6. Let go of worry, anxiety, and disappointment

Release these anchors so we can shift gears into wonder and new possibilities waiting for us. A new year ahead, lets enter our creative mode. We break any agreements we have with doom and gloom for this year; and we sever all ties to anything trying to keep us tied to the past season. We allow ourselves to look and move forward.

May you know what your priorities are and not be afraid to have a new fresh slate to create what you wish to aim for this year. Let’s give ourselves permission to have big goals and big faith to see it now and a knowing that we will achieve and enjoy the journey that awaits us in doing so- new innovation, creativity and new exploits, deeper connections with people and loved one’s etc… in every dimension of our life.

Let’s stand tall and allow excitement to rise up and walk into for 2022 with an abundance of HOPE “a positive expectation for good to occur” and be disciplined to turn the news off this year so we stay on track with where we wish to go.


Today it is even more important than ever to stay focused not be distracted by people, news, or circumstances, to stay on the course of your vision. Many people tell me they are finding it hard to have a goal this year due to all the COVID stuff that is going on, the interruptions, too much uncertainty on many topics right now. But it’s important for our wellbeing to dream still for the year and turn it into a goal and for many it will take courage and boldness to step out and not allow fear to hover over you too loudly but to get tools to cast it down, so you are able to Hope for what you want the year to be and how it ends for you.

I know for me when I left what was very familiar to go out on my own in life which was something I had never done (apart from holidaying in Italy for 9 months). I went from living at home to getting married young, it took courage and belief that I can earn my own living, have my own home in time and have a thriving Coaching business not as a hobby. My why was very loud as to why I left and what I did not want I knew clearly. Which served me well for when the turbulent, and the unthought about times came my way.

I needed to get practical, to know what I was lacking what skills and training I would need to make my dream a goal and a reality. I paid a lot of money out to get further trained in certain areas of Coaching. Skills that I needed still so it could be a full-time job and to know also that my faith would be tested in all this, so where was it right now and what did I desire to do about it to improve this and draw closer to God. I was very clear on my goals for the first two years so I could leave Nelson for a time after one year and have an opportunity to discover “me”. Something that was never really known plus continue well in achieving my goals. I was blessed to be able to park up at my parent’s house for a year, an enjoyable but also humbling time. It was a time of huge positive growth peace and confidence that was developed within both my personal and professional life and when I came home to Nelson on visits good friends noticed the difference in me. Regardless of what is happening around you in this coming 2022 year you can achieve your goals also.

So, what is that burning vision in your heart. Do you have one? And why?

Write it down.

Have it so real to you that even though you do not see it yet in the natural, you have Faith for it to come about. Learn to communicate your vision and refuse distractions. I had a couple of written declarations for my goals one I filed away and one I kept in front of me.

Like me what do you need still to fulfil your goal?

Is it training, connections, money, or another resource? Now you know what you need, the steps required, and the focus to communicate to those that’s required.

As you step out to take the practical steps keep the passion for your vision high! See it realized in your mind’s eye, trust and be full of expectant hope and thankfulness for it. Ask for wisdom along the way and keep peace in your heart.

Below are some main character traits that I was tested in and may be beneficial for you to note that will be tested. As distractions, unexpected mishaps all did come my way

e.g.: expenses like putting diesel in my petrol car, laptop crashing completely for a week as it got sent away and repaired, emergency private Mammogram and ultrasound needed due to having breast cancer as a health issue popped up in 2018. The Coaching Company I did my training under in 2017 went bankrupt start 2018 so I lost connections for future clients. And the biggest decision to leave Nelson with under $500 dollars to take (bit of a story around a bank scam as to why that was) in my bank accountant and two good paying clients signed up for 3mths and a few people thinking I was crazy to continue my plans in going to Tauranga, I pondered on it myself but knew I needed to give it a go and not quit now.

It was a crazy time but also a great time. Naturally your situations to achieve your goals won’t be as dramatic for most of you as mine were in those two years, but regardless of you will be tested along the way in sticking to the goal in front of you in some way.

Character traits you’ll be tested in this year


. Merriam Webster Dictionary definition is

“To remain firm under suffering or misfortune without yielding, though it be difficult. To continue in the same state of mind”

This will require “The power to sustain without flinching or breaking. We could say we need some “grit” from deep within us to rise up, some bravery, courage and determination despite the difficulty and be unwilling to quit.”



“continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition: the action or condition or an instance of persevering: steadfastness, despite delay”

Will require you to stay with Hope - a positive expectation for good to be achieved, plus to carry peace despite…. What you may be dealing with.



“self-control or discipline meaning to “master your passion and desires having the power over yourself in action””.

So, taking care and control over your words, attitudes, emotions and behavior is very important, plus the distractions and people that can take you off your course and focus. Recognize when to say no. Not Looking at everything else and everyone else around us.

A runner in a race does not look around or back at where they came from. NO! the runner’s eyes are fixed ahead. This we must do to attain our goals; eyes fixed ahead to see and believe.

GRIT and PASSION are demonstrated from all who have succeeded in an area of life, whilst working diligently to their goal.

What is your endurance, perseverance, and self-discipline meter like?



When something goes wrong or not as we expected that takes us off guard the first place in which we react is in our "mind."

How do you respond, act when things come against you? Be it a person’s response to you or a circumstance you face?

How, do you think? Where does your thinking go?

What do you then make it mean about yourself? which is what ends up happening.

A Lack self-worth, fear, or anger, negativity all kicks in.

It’s so beneficial if we could be asking ourselves questions and really look inwards, Self-awareness is key and having the knowledge and tools on how to de -trigger yourself and understand what happened and why, is all part of personal development and maturity.

Then you can swiftly get back on track with your life and goals, 5mins not hours or days. There is a difference between burying what happened and operating over the top of it in a forward direction, Verses, Moving on well.

This was a big part of the extra Coaching training I undertook in 2017 to further my coaching skills and understanding human behavior.

When I signed up and was assigned my own Business coach and given my 3 huge business goals and one personal one to achieve within the 4 months. Little did I know the intensity of what I was about to dive into myself. My own fears and doubts which would rise up to achieve my goals, they became loud.

We all have 3 main voices in our head, when things have been left undealt with and it takes root in us mostly from childhood, my disempowering mindsets were “I’m not good enough” “I’m alone” I’m scared” I never realized how often they would show up.

To pass the written and oral exam of the Course and specially to achieve my goals I had to instigate all that I was learning along the way on myself, as I, was been massively stretched.

This whole experience of growth, learning and tools (De-trigger tool especially) through during those 4 mths, plus my Faith set me up well to get through 2017 & 2018 and not need to go get a 9am to 5pm job. It all continues to play part in my life now, along with other courses and experiences I’ve had to navigate the challenges that come along my path. (Plus, naturally helps me with Coaching clients)

Our mindset and believes or lack of believes about ourselves play a huge role in our success. Which is why we cannot allow our past experiences or perceptions of people or life affect our current world which then impact our goals when not addressed.

The tools to re-train our minds to stay on course is usually not easy to master but if it was then everyone would be achieving their dreams in life, which is why your WHY, why are you wanting this? needs to be loud, so then you will address the things that come up and do the hard work required.

Remember that we live most of our time in our mind. The world around us and what we see affects us and is according to

Our history,

Our perspectives,

Our opinions,

Our pain.

Which all come from our mind and form mainly from under the age of 20yrs, forming our believes and actions, the lens which you interpret the things around you from. The decisions we make good or bad ones and the words we say all come out from our thoughts and create the world we live in, in the end.

It’s a huge topic just as important is the power of releasing forgiving others and self. There are many resources, books, and the Bible on “transforming the mind & Emotional healing” I've written also number of Blogs and ran workshops over the last few years also.


  • The nay Sayers along the way to your goals.

Take note of the people you hang with, their language and their own goals and priorities for life? Are they helpful to your wellbeing and state of mind? How is their language? Do they distract me? If you answered yes. If so its likely your vision and passion will be tainted. So, can you say something to them? Limit your time with them? Are there any actions I can take? Mix more with people who build you up.

  • Lack of Faith & Patience.

“Patience is a working power. When faith tries to waver, patience comes to faith’s aid to make it stand. The power of patience is necessary to undergird faith.

James 1:2 “the trying of your faith develops patience”

Patience without faith has no power to call into reality the things desired but have not yet come about.” By Kenneth Copeland

  • Been too busy.

Distractions and not taking time to each day to just be Still, dream, ponder, build a inner strength in you, declare a thing or two and be thankful.

  • Using friends instead of great guides.

Friends can give you hope, encourage you so cheer you on, but if they are not victorious in that area, or an expert in that area or professional or able to hand you the breakthrough they had in that area, then you may feel like you have solved the problem, when in fact you have not got rid of it, but instead have only put it down for a while and it may very well come back later.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could live life well, truly believe and walk in the bible truth that says “I came that we may have life and have it abundantly”

What does it mean to you and look like for you?


When we wish to pursue a “calling”, achieve a goal, an advantage to us will be to partner with JOY, as we navigate our way to our goals amidst any challenges, changes we face from life or turmoil that comes across our path this year. Which is why I wanted you all to know about and write on JOY been a strength for my last post on the topic “Blazing though 2022 triumphantly”!!

Let’s remember that happiness and joy are two different things. One depends on outward events, the other – joy is from within regardless of the external events going on around you.

Joy is one of the fruits of the spirit, so we all have it living inside us. Our task is to act and so ignite joy back into our life as it won’t do you much good if it’s not put into practice and lies dormant instead. If joy is something you’ve put on your back burner, it’s time to move it front and center to enjoy the benefits.

Identify what is robbing me of my JOY? I’ve talked on some in my last two posts and often it’s obvious and our largest stumbling block will be coming from our mind (which was yesterday’s post)

And the judgements we make over other people and unforgiveness we hold on to, all affect us, odd as it may sound to some.

But it is not always obvious, it can even be something you think is non important like for me one was- lack of encouragement.

As for me I can vouch for the benefits of walking in state of JOY from 2018 and 2019 , didn’t miraculously just happen cause I left home, I did the work on me MY WHY was loud, I undertook an intensive business coaching training program (you’ll know what that was from my earlier post) so even though when I left I had under only thousand dollars and a few unexpected mishaps and challenges along the way (which I’ve touched in my previous post.) I had sense of Joy still and freedom like never before - as I had gone from Living at home to getting married never done the “flatting thing” so it was all new and scary at times, having my faith that I was not alone was/is a huge blessing.

Benefit I discovered of JOY it attracts unknowingly, I discovered an amazing best friend her name is Joy, we can talk for hours, debate about everything, even things we didn’t agree on, we laughed and had honest sharing. I met my incredible, amazing husband Anthony! (not at all on my goal list) we get on so well, he listens well, talks calmly is intelligent and so encouraging, a real blessing.

I made number of supportive lovely friends also such a blessing. I left knowing only two.

Joy enabled me to think more clearly make better decisions and be creative so putting together and delivering some great all-day workshops in those two years.

I still do my part in cultivating Joy eg: been still and pondering on “Joy of the Lord is my strength” believing that is huge in itself.

Joy is a force, and it operates from love it’s not something you just put on, you can try “to fake it till you make it” but it won’t work.

It has so many huge benefits listed below. Let’s be honest who really wants to limp along through life, so may we focus on being joyful!”

I have quoted the points below straight from Kenneth Copeland on YOY!

  • Joy brings wellness and resilience it’s no luxury.

Now, the world will tell you that joy is a rare and fleeting emotion that only a blessed few experiences on a regular basis. Wrong! It is not just a state of mind, Joy is a very real force.

  • Joy chases away depression

Trials will come – so we have to choose to be joyful, to intentionally cultivate and harvest it.

Focus on all the great things around you and that you have be thankful and grateful.

Find positive truths to focus on.

Get God’s word down into your spirit.

Joy is always within you, which springs out of Love from your inner being.

  • Joy keeps you healthy

Research shows that depression, anger, and stress are the cause of most diseases, including cancer, arthritis, heart disease and more. But a joyful heart does the following:

  • Joy Lowers blood pressure.
  • Joy Releases muscle tension.
  • Joy Decreases stress hormones.
  • Joy Boosts the immune system.

And those benefits are just a few! As well, your quality of life and relationships will be far and away healthier and more enjoyable. A joyful heart really does good like medicine. When you’re full of the joy of the Lord—it is your strength. Strength to overcome any trial, strength to live long, happy, and strong!

Let’s see what a joyful person looks like:

  • Joy doesn’t complain or grumble about people or situations.
  • Joy is predictably happy every day.
  • Joy doesn’t crumble to self-pity at the slightest bit of negative news.
  • Joy talks back to difficult situations with affirmations and the Word of God.
  • Joy isn’t easily defeated but is empowered by the authority of Christ Jesus.
  • Joy is optimistic, not pessimistic or “realistic.”
  • Joy encourages and doesn’t tear down.
  • Joy is a pleasure to be around!

As you ponder on the year ahead and take to heart the things I have said that resonates the loudest for you to look at again, my prayer is that we will all Blaze through this year very very well.

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