Do you have a marriage problem or a money problem?

  • 6 October 2014
  • Angela Miccio-Harris

Many divorces are attributed to couples having a marriage problem which then causes them to fight and argue. Money stresses are in the top 3 reasons why couples divorce, but more often then not money is not the real problem.

When you are in conflict with your spouse over money because someone did not stick to the budget or they over spent. Realise that for a woman, harsh words and hostility will cause her heart to feel defeated, which will lead to lack of respect and love in the marriage. On the other side if he interprets his wife saying "we are not making enough money" as I'm inadequate as a provider and feels disrespected and can't handle the perceived disrespect when she was just venting, may be due to fear.  Then a hostile discussion is bound to emerge or someone will clamp up and bury their true emotions, which also is not healthy for the relationship.

Young couple wearing beanies sit at the beach looking close and happy

Couples can work things out if they are willing to change their words

  • You need a vision bigger than yourself to be aiming for.

  • A winning attitude is required even when you are losing.

  • You need a loving respectful attitude towards each other to be able to work together.

  • Good teamwork, feeling united and on the same page.

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