LASERVISION for 20-20: Be aware & ready

  • 4 February 2020
  • Angela Miccio-Harris

So it's 2020, a new era and a new decade.  This is a hugely exciting time!!  Do not repeat mistakes or stay stuck.  Be determined to grow into all you were created for.  Do not look back, do not drag the past into your future in this new season.

It is time to intentionally ask - what is my purpose, what do I want, where am I going in life, and how do I get there?  How do I do come into alignment - a place where my full gifts, my full abilities - are used? It's a very exciting season. 

Of course, it will be a challenging season as well.  When you climb to a new level – there is a saying that goes - new levels new devils.  There will be resistance.  So while opportunity is exciting be aware of resistance.  Do not get taken out with disempowering thoughts.  They can just pop up or be contained in the voice of others.  The voices often whisper of familiarity, comfort, and fear of change.

I want to encourage you around two major issues we can encounter in life.  I am well familiar with these two!

The transition

Are you in a season of transition?  Do you feel that you’re treading water, waiting for something bigger to turn up, twiddling your thumbs waiting? Ensure you use this time wisely and work well and diligently with what is in front of you. For those who are faithful more will be given.

“Whatever turns up, grab it, and do it. And heartily!” (Ecclesiastes 9:10)

So rather than waiting for things to change do what is in front of you to the best of your ability.  The right doors in due time will open for you as you keep your eyes alert for the new opportunities that arise in this time.

I want to encourage you and say that the way you finish your current season will determine how you begin the next one.

Hitting rock-bottom

Know that if you want to experience all that you were created for then more often than not you will find that the trials of life drive us to our knees so that the truth can be worked in and through our life.

Navigate these times well and good things come. Don’t wish them away or bury the pain in your heart. The journey may not be an easy one.Once you are determined to go down this path, be it from trial or in a desperate moment, the irony is these times mature and grow us. Our old experiences from life, pain, and the lies we pick up, we leave in the decade just ended.

Hardships transform us from who we are into who we long to be. Don’t run from them, but take courage, embrace them and press in, in faith. It may not be pleasant but in the end it will be well worth it.

I know this to be true for myself. After twenty seven years of a highly stressful marriage, and then being diagnosed with breast cancer, there came a point in this journey where I knew disappointments needed to be faced. Obstacles and resistance needed to be dealt with. I needed to leave my marriage for good this time. A huge transition time for me. I spent a year back with my parents, receiving healing and coaching. I furthered my life coaching skills with extra study. I made good use of this time out. When I was ready, with faith, determination and courage, I left my hometown Nelson for the first time to go to Tauranga. I knew only two people. Not an easy step to take and well worth it in the end. A few shaky times for sure! A complete new beginning at the age of 50 and now very newly married. Life is very different and very good. So I understand hard times.  understand emotional pain and large transitions. I understand boldness and courage to act. I know the work that required in these times.

Now it's over to you

You want change, so gather your courage and faith and take action.

Many of you sense either change ahead or you are in transition. Hang in there. The transition will end. For those of you in a storm, embrace this time. Do the work needed. Step into a place where you really dream of being – alignment. Dispatch the past, do not bring baggage into this new decade. Deal with unforgiveness, be it for our ourselves, and/or others. Life is short, live it aligned to your values.

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