3 money mindset tips to help you believe and so succeed

  • 22 June 2016
  • Angela Miccio-Harris

Most people prefer not to talk about money, ask for help or ask others who are succeeding with money what they are doing.

It’s a bit like money is a dirty word—it may mean if you bring it up that you aren’t doing well or that you are wanting more and therefore not content with what you have so are ungrateful. These are just two forms of stingy thinking. Like anything education and knowledge around money is important but more so is what does your mind tell you about money? What is your money story? We all have one. If you tell yourself it’s just a means to an end, then you need to begin transforming your mind-set. I’m afraid you get what you believe you can have. We can have so many wrong beliefs and thinking around money which alters our success with money, that is working in us at a subconscious level which we are often unaware of.

Here are 3 tips to start to eliminate stinking thinking around money.                                                 Cartoon image of young woman with thoughts and items exploding out of her head.


What are your beliefs, do they help you or hinder your success? When you think of money what words come up? Poverty, deficiency and scarcity or abundance, growth and joy?

Do you blame your lack of success because of someone or something else beyond your control? Or the alternative thought that somehow you just aren’t made of the stuff that can help you master this area of life?

Success is just a state of being available to all, start to believe in yourself. Remember change your story change your life. Get rid of limitations and tell yourself the truth.


Everybody has a fear of failure at some level, at times we all have been fearful that perhaps we are not enough. Even when we know what to do, out fear can stop us from executing our plans. As a result, rather than face our natural fears, we come up with stories to stay in our comfort zone. Stories about why we’re not where we want to be.  Which always relates to something outside of our control or lack of talent or ability. But talent or skill is attainable to anyone who is committed, you just need to get beyond the mental limits of how hard difficult or impossible it may be.

You must take a risk and step out of your comfort zone and TRY.


Not a means to an end. View it as a way to connect with others, as something to appreciate and to be of help to others with. When you pay someone do not think of how much more work you will have to do to replenish your bank account, this becomes negative. Instead, think you’ve given the gift of wealth and appreciation for their service or product.

Our successful relationships come only when we nurture and grow them it’s the same with money. If we are grateful for it, appreciate it and work towards looking after it and giving to others, then our thoughts and actions around money become healthier and we will attract more success with our money. Money is here to serve us don’t forget this.

How to change a belief that is not helpful to your success

You have to first realise your old ways of thinking and believing have not been helpful. Whatever those wrong beliefs are, do the opposite.

Strategies for this are:

VISUALISE yourself achieving what you want, having done so then allowing yourself to actually FEEL the emotions of the success of it until it becomes so real to you. The next step is to start DECLARING the new truth out loud, and then becoming GRATEFUL for what is coming (even if you don't have it yet) 

You can only do that if you first see it and feel it otherwise it’s just saying proclamations which don’t often work. You have to do this daily until it becomes a habit a new way of thinking. If you wish even go as far as creating a vision Board a Success statement.

What do you want and how much do you want it?

Many people who are financially successful & Independent started out from nothing. Like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Brain Tracey, TD Jakes and so much more. They had to learn, to re–train their thinking & beliefs, if they can we can to, just depends on how much do you want it?

Do let me know how you get on. Here is a quote from Tony Robbins. “Money is nothing more than a reflection of your creativity, your capacity to focus and your ability to add value and receive back.”

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