Starting the Year of Right! What it Takes

  • 10 January 2022
  • Angela Miccio-Harris

Do you desire 2022 to be better than 2021?  Do you hunger to go further, accomplish more, live in contentment, make changes, and or see change in yourself?  Yes?  Read on!

Many of us no doubt all experienced a time where we overcame a large hurdle, achieved something fantastic and so know what it takes to do so. Looking back for me my biggest growth, development and accomplishment was 2017 leaving permanently a toxic marriage, achieving top honors in a 4-month intensive coaching training program & 2018 on the brink of turning 50 re-locating to Tauranga to re-launch my Coaching business knowing only two people. Wasn’t easy big changes and big goals never are, but looking back it took me needing to implement all of the following and digging deep into my faith with Him at my side.

Putting aside time now to start the new year of right - with the right mindset, purpose, and discipline all things are possible. 

 comfort zone v success? Your choice

Reflecting on last year.

  • Have a quiet time away from distractions and noise, get paper, and pen and write. Make time to stop, get out of the hustle and bustle of your busy life and look back evaluate your 2021. So, ask the searching questions and write the answers that come. If not its more than likely you will keep doing the same old same old.
  • Ask yourself how far did I come this last year, where did I really progress and where did I decline – what worked, what didn’t?  Where am I strong, where do I want to get stronger? What did I learn and do well in?  What did I learn but not action day to day and why?  What are those things that have troubled me for a long time that still trouble me today?

Your Identity

  • Scan your past and write down areas in your life where you were wounded or hurt  – in recent times or those traced to your childhood which keep showing up still now and trigger you and or cause pain.  
  • What prevents me from dealing with this – fear, bewilderment, it’s too hard?   Are you holding on to - bitterness, rejection, lack of self-worth, anxiety, procrastination?
  • What distracts you? What do you get stuck on?

These are all the stones in your shoes that keep showing up year after year and will stop you from flourishing in all you were created to be.

It is huge advantage to know who we are internally and where we have come from, we all have a story.  This is the rock under our feet.  Being secure and grounded in our true identity helps up to not keep tripping up over the same obstacles and issues year after year.  Identity shines the light of revelation on what needs changing.   We are then able to overcome.   

  1. Check to see - do we need to get outside mentoring or other help to acquire some tools, accountability, or guidance?
  2. What we desire to achieve when lined up with our values and believes will mirror our true identity - what lights us up, Write these down!

Make time for this, no distractions, don’t rush and be honest.  In doing so we must not be hard on yourself, but we also don’t sweep things under the rug (for that is either self-condemnation or avoidance, and the fruit of each is remaining stuck, with no change).

Aspirations for The New Year?

  • Make a list of the areas of our life or business you want to see a change in, write them in a way that'll excite you.  Change that when complete and lived would have you beaming like guests in a joy party.

We all aspire to progress, improve, succeed and triumph.  Be it in our relationship, family, health, work, finances, or spiritually. So, we all need a goal to aim for, or we will go no where if we don’t and it’ll be a dream only so write it down get specific.


6 Tip Bits to Note

  1. We often have more trust/faith in our ability to fail then to succeed, so let’s up our Faith for 2022.  If we do in an area its ok pick yourself up re-evaluate and start again.   
  2. Remember we need to take responsibility for ourselves with all this, how we behave and how we spend our time.
  3. Persevere, get up and keep looking forward to the prize.   Any prize takes work to attain, much of that battle is in our mind overcoming lies about our true identity!  Think about a gold medal at the Olympics’, it’s not just handed to us because we want it.  
  4. Our thoughts have the power to shape the way we see ourselves and how we interact with others.  Scripture tells us “carefully guard our thoughts as they are the source of true life” Proverbs 4: 23 and to “renew our minds”
  5. When negativity or doubt try to take up space in our minds one tool is - to capture it and ensure you speak truth to every lie, with scripture or declarations. 
  6. Keep a daily Gratitude journal it’s a very powerful tool eventually you will begin to see the world around you with a different lens.

Discipline, Desire, Determination equals victory.  

Remember and be encouraged - although we may lose some battles, we will aim to win more than we lose.  That added strength, stamina, and enthusiasm to run the race of life, that grit to endure and overcome what comes our way, allows us to hold fast to what is true for us.

Phili 3:13-14 (TPT) I don’t depend on my own strength to accomplish this;[a] however I do have one compelling focus: I forget all of the past as I fasten my heart to the future instead. 14 I run straight for the divine invitation of reaching the goal and gaining the victory-prize through the anointing of Jesus.


About Angela Miccio-Harris

Angela is Speaker& Coach. Passionate about helping busy, motivated people who wish to live their best Life Now! with changes that lasts around actions or mindsets that last. She is strategic and goal focused with a range of tools in her toolbox that she can pull from. So you get things in place gain insight and are moving ahead, creating greater joy and satisfaction instead of staying stuck or frustrated with your life, well-being, finances or work. She is a Results Certified BBC Coach from the Neuroleadership Group and a qualified member of the International Coaching Federation. Take advantage of the wealth of experience she has to offer with her Complimentary 30 minute “discovery session” at email She works with clients throughout New Zealand via Skype or face to face.

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