Who Is ready for 2014? Or Christmas...

  • 20 November 2013
  • Angela Miccio-Harris

Are you ready for 2014?

I know it’s only November but it’s nearly Christmas and we are heading into the merry season!!!  I haven’t forgotten what I mention at the end of my last blog post -  that the next time I would write something on tips for setting up a budget... But that topic is too serious for right now, with 2013 nearly done and dusted looking at a budget now doesn’t feel right. So, I think once you all are settled back after the holidays you will be in a better head space to tackle the New Budget!  Maybe you can even have it has one of those famous ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ that people seem to enjoy making.

Why bother with New Year's resolutions?

Let's seriously take a minute to look at the New Year’s Resolution idea that so many fall into making but few seem to actually stick to/have success with.  “Remember dreams don’t work unless you do.” (Dare I say I think these people need to make an appointment with me so they can be coached through doing the work which will help in actually sticking with it?! That would bring it into a reality instead of just a dream... That’s a great gift to give someone for 2014 ; just a good thought there, haha..)

But seriously, why do we bother with it? To me I think it’s because we all want something better out of our current life. We may want to improve in a certain area, lose a habit that’s not serving us well, fulfil a dream, study something, learn an instrument, plan a holiday the list goes on and on...

Whatever it is, having a goal/ dream is excellent and taps into our purpose giving us great Hope.  Otherwise we become dull and boring just keeping on doing the same old, same old...

From talking to doing

But let’s not just talk about it. If you are serious than write it down, make it visual and exciting so you will want to attain it. “Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines.”

So:  Be specific. SEE it.

  1. Have a deadline, a time frame to reach it by.
  2. Set up strategies/appropriate actions to get there.

 I even suggest you tell someone what you are doing so they can hold you accountable and encourage you to keep going.  Yes it will be a challenge, and as it ought to be! It will stretch you so expect it to be hard and do the work required to ensure you stick with it! The satisfaction of attaining it will be so worth it in many ways for you. I hear people say that “my motivation just doesn’t last.”  Well neither does bathing that’s why it’s recommended daily.

I just had a thought-Why not make a New Year’s Resolution to seriously start saving some Money? A good present to gain knowledge on ‘money’ for yourself or someone else is this great book “The Richest man in Babylon” by George Classon. Next yea,r interest rates will rise as no doubt inflation and prices will still keep going up, so we need to start educating and training ourselves now.

Can’t sign off just yet without saying a warning...

Don't overspend this Christmas!

Ensure you do not overspend for Christmas and then spend all of 2014 paying it off. At the bank I saw many people fall into this trap and having to take out a loan. I also saw a few withdraw unnecessary lump sums of money; one example withdrew $700 from their Christmas savings account to buy their one-year-old presents when their weekly income was just approx $598.00.... Come on! Would she have been any the wiser if she got presents totalling $200 or less? I think not.

Don’t get sucked into all the hype from the media and specials that are out there. Just keep it simple, buy only what is required. Go into it with a Budget and a list so you don’t overspend. Keep a watch over where your money is going. If you can, do withdraw a REASONABLE lump sum and then once it’s gone it’s gone. Remember the shops won’t all disappear or never have a special again.

Plan who you are buying for, critique the list well. If the list is long ask yourself... “Do I really need to buy so many people gifts?” Take care if you have children especially those still at home with you, they really don’t need a lot. The best things you can give your kids is your time and to have some fun, make some good memories for them. They don’t want you to be stressed out in the build up toward Christmas or later on after it due to financial worries because you over spent.

Go into Christmas with peace of mind

People either seem to love Christmas or hate it. If you hate it just remember you are in control, giving is great but there needs to be a limit to how much we spend. We end up paying the price so we can only blame ourselves. You don’t have to keep up with your friends or other members of the families spending habits.

Make a list of all that needs to be done for Christmas now so it’s not a mad rush. “Set Peace of mind as your highest goal & organise everything around it.”

With all that said enjoy the coming season! I hope you are all taking some time off even if it’s only the public holidays to relax and have fun with those you are closest to and love.

On another note this will be my last Newsletter until February 2014 as I have my cousin and brother-in-law coming over from Italy for Christmas and the month of January, which will be a treat especially as they have never been out of their country.  So I’ll be busy busy...

Merry, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Loads of Blessings to you all.

About Angela Miccio-Harris

Angela is Speaker& Coach. Passionate about helping busy, motivated people who wish to live their best Life Now! with changes that lasts around actions or mindsets that last. She is strategic and goal focused with a range of tools in her toolbox that she can pull from. So you get things in place gain insight and are moving ahead, creating greater joy and satisfaction instead of staying stuck or frustrated with your life, well-being, finances or work. She is a Results Certified BBC Coach from the Neuroleadership Group and a qualified member of the International Coaching Federation. Take advantage of the wealth of experience she has to offer with her Complimentary 30 minute “discovery session” at www.angelamiccio-harris.co.nz email angela@thekingdomcentre.co.nz She works with clients throughout New Zealand via Skype or face to face.

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