“Will your 2015 be better than your 2014? - D.A.R.E.”

  • 2 December 2014
  • Angela Miccio-Harris

I’m not usually one that is into New Year’s resolutions as I have seen many people make them but they soon after a few weeks fall flat to the ground. 

To succeed and to ensure 2015 will be even better than 2014 (be it with your finances or an area of your Life) first you need to discover what is your Desire? What do you want, want to accomplish, and want to change??  What will you actually do differently? See it.  What will you put in place and take the time to do to make it a reality and not just a dream? If you are serious about this desire than there is no reason why you can’t succeed, it’s your life;  Base jumper takes off from a cliff

You have the control to make it happen with these 4 tips—D.A.R.E.!

1. Decide

We are making decisions all the time every day some small some big. What to wear, what to do, where to go.  Make a decision today to shape your tomorrow. Be positive in your thinking, regardless if you happen to mess up your day today, don’t let it side track you or take you off course and allow yourself to procrastinate/make excuses. Have a mindset that you have made up your mind, this is it no matter what. You need to really have a Desire big enough to make the sacrifices that will be required to keep you on track.

In life things happen, it’s normal, but decide still that your day will still be a good day and head in the direction you have set for yourself. Even if you must take a detour for a short time, it’s OK. If you need wisdom get it! Wisdom is important especially if you have a Desire that is out of your comfort zone or sphere of knowledge. Learn, grow, and get the help that you may require. Sometimes it’s not a financial problem we have but a lack of wisdom that causes issues. So if you want your tomorrow to be different than your today learn something new even if it’s something small.

2. Accept

Accept responsibility, don’t play the blame game. Governments fault, parents fault, bosses fault, wife’s fault. It’s easy to blame others for your current situation and problems but don’t! Accept responsibility that regardless you are going to make the necessary changes in your relationship, work, home, with your finances and with your health. Put it on your agenda as something to tackle. If not then the rest of your year will be the same. Change is available to all; the key is how much do you want it??? So take responsibility for your life. Successful people, even those who came from tough unfortunate backgrounds took responsibility, they didn't accept what was, they asked/ask the question “How” How can I do things differently so my tomorrow won’t be a repeat of my today.

3. Respond

So who would like to be doing better in an area of your life than you are right now? All this means is that there is either something you don’t know or maybe even a fear that you have to try?  Get out of your comfort zone and pursue it even if there is a chance of failing. Successful people learn from other successful people and are not afraid to fail, plus they will get some help in things they don’t know or need help in. Unsuccessful people stay stuck as it is more comfortable and some tend to take on the attitude also that they know it all and have a justification for everything therefore not really willing to learn or try anything new.

So how much do you value wisdom? How much do you want to improve and ensure your tomorrow isn’t the same as your yesterday? Seek help, acquire wisdom because you think you are worth it, you value yourself, and you know to invest in yourself if needed. So go now and act! Respond! Stop just thinking about it.

4. Expect 

Now expect to succeed, don’t limit yourself to your current mindset. A reason a lot of people fail is due to broken hope.  Get new beliefs, stay on track and be focused and disciplined. Visualise success, sight affects desire and fuels you to make the necessary changes. You become motivated if you can see it.

I encourage you to have courage to step out and do something different to succeed this coming 2015. Change requires courage. If you need to invest in yourself do it.  It’s your Life so Your Choice, we have such a huge amount of potential buried inside of us that we don’t bother using or investigating! Let’s dig deep, stretch ourselves and bring some to the light and see where we can get to.

About Angela Miccio-Harris

Angela is Speaker& Coach. Passionate about helping busy, motivated people who wish to live their best Life Now! with changes that lasts around actions or mindsets that last. She is strategic and goal focused with a range of tools in her toolbox that she can pull from. So you get things in place gain insight and are moving ahead, creating greater joy and satisfaction instead of staying stuck or frustrated with your life, well-being, finances or work. She is a Results Certified BBC Coach from the Neuroleadership Group and a qualified member of the International Coaching Federation. Take advantage of the wealth of experience she has to offer with her Complimentary 30 minute “discovery session” at www.angelamiccio-harris.co.nz email angela@thekingdomcentre.co.nz She works with clients throughout New Zealand via Skype or face to face.

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