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What are your biggest challenges with your finances?


Do you know you should be getting on top of your personal finances but keep putting it off ? 


What is your ultimate goal for your finances?


Do you have goals for your life or work but feel life is just too busy, that there is no time?


Learn how we can work together to design a solution tailored for you in a free 30-minute session.

So you can be heading in the direction you wish, gain clarity, confidence, and purpose.   To Live Happier and with success, free from frustration, stress or feeling overwhelmed.  

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Angela is also a member of the International Coaching Federation

Angela Cheruseo Vision Coach Nelson New Zealand

What clients say...

Financial Coaching

I can’t speak highly enough of Angela’s work as a Financial Coach/Life Coach. I felt like I had no direction, lacked confidence and couldn’t save any money even though I had a good job.  Angela helped me quickly turn that around: We set up a budget and realistic goals both short and long term. I even managed a short trip to India with no debt on the credit card. Most importantly she helped me believe in myself. Angela is an approachable, kind hearted person who cares and will be with you every step of your journey.

  • Joshua Donnelly

Financial Coaching

Angela taught me how banks really work, and now I will have my personal loan paid off in just a year instead of  three years! I even have a small savings account and Kiwisaver. I can’t thank Angela enough - she’s changed everything. Working with her was such a pleasure, she’s really down to earth and approachable.

  • John Perkins

Life Coach Testimonial, Leadership and financial coaching Testimonial

Angela is a positive, uplifting and engaging person to be around. She has infectious energy and a passion for helping people develop better money habits and grow richer.

  • Johny O'Donnell
  • Director, speaker, trainer & business coach at Pathways to Success