I have decided to slash the normal cost of my Financial Freedom and Positive Mindsets Tools online course to help you weather the storm.

I am excited to be bringing you this very popular workshop online where you will not only be gaining knowledge and clarity but implementing what you learn. There is no better time than now to learn how to manage your finances and learn what it takes to be successful with money.

Is this workshop for you? 

  1. Does the thought of money overwhelm you?
  2. Do you hate having to deal with money?
  3. Do you have too much debt?
  4. Do you have dreams but never seem to be getting there?
  5. Do you wish to implement and understand the power of having a “abundance mindset”?
  6. Are you fearful of the times ahead and your finances feel stuck?
  7. Would you love to receive some practical solutions and have your questions answered around money, creating a spending plan and more?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions then this workshop is for you! 


Join me for a 8-session weekly online course loaded with powerful value.

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Aim:  To walk away with everything you need to maintain mental well-being around money and live life well knowing your finances are well taken care of.

Monthly fee $79



Still not sure? Here's what is covered in the online workshop:

  • Discover what is holding you back from obtaining the financial success you want and why budgets alone don't work.
  • Understand how your beliefs about money drive the results you are currently achieving with your money.
  • Discover where your current money is going.
  • Look at your expenses and what these are costing you.
  • Tips on how to reduce expenses.
  • Understand why it is so easy today to overspend and what it takes to succeed.
  • Discuss your financial priorities and money values.
  • Determine your financial goals in a set time frame that is right for you.
  • Create a budget/spending plan that you are excited about.
  • If need be, how to get rid of debt faster.
  • How to structure your bank accounts.
  • Put in a system that suits you to track your money with ease.
  • Confidence to purchase what you need when you need it.
  • Who you need to have in your financial team that is right for you.
  • Give you the tools to enable you to transform your disempowering mindsets around money.
  • Coach and empower you to be set up and the will to have a sustainable shift and enjoy money.

course covers

Workshop Format:

This workshop is offered via live video conference (Zoom) format with me.

Virtual video workshops are convenient and practical, where you can interact with me and the other participants. They are a great way to learn because you can learn from the convenience of your home or office.

Sessions will be for 60 mins at least if not 90 mins, depending on conversations that come up at the end. Any questions not covered ask away in our private face-book page If you are keen then let me know and I will send you the preparation form to 

What you can expect:

  1. Prior to the workshop commencing I will send you a brief form to complete and send back to me along with the invoice to be paid.
  2. When we work on your spending plan you may email this to me and I will tweak it for you if need be.
  3. You will receive a workbook to write in.
  4. There will be slides to view

Leave feeling less stressed more secure, confident and happier. Knowing you are on track with your personal finances, and if you are in business know exactly what drawings you need to withdraw and to leave the Business account to grow so there is more cash flow available so your business can now fully grow the way you desire.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Practical plans to implement and take away
  • Skills and tools to reprogram old beliefs
  • Greater self-awareness and ability to self-regulate around your emotional intelligence
  • Greater clarity, knowledge.
  • Excitement with anticipation to accomplish your own goals.
  • Greater confidence, clarity and knowledge

What Others Have Said

My partner and I went to see Angela as we knew we needed to get serious about how we were spending our money and make some changes if we were going to succeed in getting rid of our debt faster and start saving for our first home. We were impressed to learn how much I was squandering away on not much and so amazed and encouraged to see how much I can now be achieving towards my goals if I stick with the plan. Angela is easy to get on with, non-judgmental and tells you how it really is, she gave some great tips on how to be using my money wiser and what to do to avoid a couple of pitfalls I sometimes would face and they worked well. — Yen Pettersson

Angela spoke at a business seminar I attended. I thought Yes this is what I need, someone to organize and look into my current personal spending and set up so I can achieve my financial goals quicker.  I found it very beneficial, for someone who was hopeless at savings and having an easy to track system in place Angela was very helpful.  I now have a savings account with a substantial amount in them. Angela is very approachable and friendly.  I would totally recommend her services. — Tanea Collier

I wanted to make some changes in my Finances, as this wasn’t a strength area for me.   Having met Angela, I knew she was the coach for me in this area, and I was absolutely right.  Working with Angela was a great investment in me and in my financial future.  — Tia Chakravarty Professional Certified Coach

Angela has given me a new relationship with money. I now have a budget plan that is flexible and caters to my varied income, I know where every last cent is going.
Angela has empowered me to make better decisions and has given me a structure to my Banks accounts that match my Budget. I no longer say "yes" to everything.
Angela has made me a stronger person and taken a lot of stress off.
I recommend her to all. — Lee Anne Dixon

“I can’t speak highly enough of Angela’s work as a Financial Coach/Life Coach. I felt like I had no direction, lacked confidence and couldn’t save any money even though I had a good job.  Angela helped me quickly turn that around: We set up a budget and realistic goals both short and long-term. — Joshua Donnelly