"Your Financial Freedom In Action" Workshop

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This workshop combines practical tools and knowledge required for success around money, combined with techniques to depower hindering beliefs


If you are a business owner, self-employed or working for someone else and are tired of money stress, disorganised finances, inhibiting beliefs, then this workshop will provide some solutions for you.


What is covered in the workshop:

How you self-sabotage
Disempowering beliefs in your relationship with money
Mindfulness techniques to achieve your financial potential
Things to consider before creating a budget
Benefits of budgeting, creating one and how to stick with it
Types of fluctuating and fixed personal expenses
How to determine what cuts are to be made
Options to generate more income
Tools and systems to track your money
Paying off debt
Retirement savings plans
Live case studies


Workshop outcomes:

Practical plans to implement 

Skills and tools to reprogram old beliefs 

Confidence and knowledge


"What a great way to learn packed full of useful information, interactive and personal to our own individual journeys and beliefs. I have greater awareness to where my money belief came from and how they have been affecting my results around money" Miranda Monopoli


"I gained valuable knowledge and will definitely be changing how I operate with my money, I got real clear about my goals and new possibilities and the importance of purpose in it all.' Marcia Higgs


"Great quality material I found it enlightening and have taken away some key ideas. I felt listened to and she was able to draw out a key element in each of us that would work. Left feeling empowered" Suzie Cheeseman


"My full attention was caught for the whole session. Loved the pieces on mindsets and our thoughts and the importance of budgets, goals and why" Georgie Moleta


"Loved your personal stories, your enthusiasm and knowledge in your passion is invaluable and made it fun, I identified how I can improve my cash flow and have a plan now for my money hang-ups to begin changing them" Kindra Douglas


"Gets to the basis of how we function, this workshop was presented in a simple way and easy to understand covering the mental, emotional and physical limitations of finances. Loved your passion" Stephanie Crampton